jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Beast cosplay... in progress

Hi, everyone!
A haven´t been able to write anything in a long time because university keeps me very busy.
But I managed to make progress in my Beast cosplay, the only thing I could do was my boots and here you have some photos

They look good, eh? I have been working very hard on them in order to avoid what happened to my I-No boots, do you remember what hapenned? Well, I tried them out in my house and they fit perfect on my legs but when I tried them in the convention, they were a mess (Oh, no! Just remember that, make me feel horrible!)
So this time, I'm making Beast's boots in a better way.

But another problem came, I hope my hair can grow enough to look as beautiful as Beast's curly hair

Well, that's all this time. I'm going to study math... not very happy, by the way

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