jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Tendo Akane Cosplay

Hi! I finally was able to cosplay Tendo Akane from Ranma 1/2.

This cosplay is favorite of all because Akane is my favorite character from one of my all-time favorite anime / manga ever.

I remember when I was between 7 and 8 years old I started to watch anime, in those times, I didn't even know it was called that way but I did notice it was different from other cartoon. I enjoyed watching Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon but the one that excited me the most was Ranma 1/2.
I just loved all the crazy characters and how funny they were, it was definitely a remarkable anime in my childhood.

Then, I grew up, I forgot about anime and I got interested in other things but I eventually came back to the amazing world of anime and manga thanks tot he fact that Ranma 1/2 was broadcasted again in my country so I remembered how much I liked so started to investigate more about this art and this is how my addiction started and it has continued until now... it won't stop any time soon XD

Futhermore, in my high school I had to take swimming lessons and I never learned how to. It  was problematic because all my classmates knew how to swim and I was the only one who didn't, thus, my teacher refused to teach me. I tried to learn by myself but I failed so I was very sad... until I watch a episode of Ranma 1/2 about Akane trying how to swim and she failed many times, she felt as sad as I was in that time, but she found her own way to do it. That episode gave the courage to keep trying... I never gave up and nowadays I know how to swim.... well, I'm not a professional but at least I know the basics je je!!

What a long story, eh? Sorry about that! I can't help but writting how important is cosplay for me since it is a way to represent the characters I like the most and have taugh me something.

This is a beautiful photo that my dear friend Jorge Arroyo (Dino) took me:

About my future projects? Well, I have many but unfortunely, I don't have enough health, money and time. Anyways, I will write what I have in mind:

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Mizuki Himeji
Ace Attorney - Mia Fey

Macross Frontier Sayonara no Tsubasa - Sheryl Nome

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Beast Photoset: Re-shot and Problems

Last friday I get up in the morning frickin' happy because that day I was having my Beast Photoset, yes!! The one I wished so much.

Well. at the beginning my dear friend Priscilla and I had problems because the curls were not coming out well, so after somes of suspence, suddenly they started to coming out perfectly. Yupi!!!

When we arrived at the place where we were supposed to take the photos, I felt kind of embarrased since there are some people looking at me while we took the photos >.< but later It all got worse because some officers of the place came and they told I couldn't take photos there and they even threatened us with errasing the photos.

I was so mad!!! There are lots of people stealing in the streets and dealing drugs... they can do whatever they like but they bother me just because my costumes was a little bit sexy, don't frickin' kidding me!!

Finally, they didn't errase the photos and here you have some of the photos I like the most about this photoset

martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Looking forward for the Photoset

I'm quite excited since my friend Priscilla and Leslie are going to help in order to take the perfect photos with my Beast Cosplay.

At first glance, it seems a simple cosplay but in fact, I spent more than 100 dolars.

As soon as I get the photos I will post some of them here.

martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Beast Photoset

I finally could do a photoset with my Beast cosplay, unfortunately, since all my friends and family are always too busy to help, the photoset didn't came out as well as I imagined. I mean, it was not bad but I am kind of sad because I couldn't took the photos in the setting I wanted to.

I'd like to show my costume in a convention in my country because I have grown up a bit and I know I don't care if people think I am vulgar. I spent more than 5 years of my life feeling embarrased about my body and it's time to feel comfortable with body. Back in the main topic, showing my Beast cosplay in a convention in complicated for me because my hair is straigh and for this cosplay I need my hair to be curly and this is where the biggest problem comes, the member of my family in charge of this important part is busy or sick most of the time. Sometimes I'd like to be like those cosplayers who have hundreds of helpers.

Futhermore, my personal life is a mess right now since I got fired.

Finally, I want to apologize for such a depressing blog entry but I really needed to write all those thing that are bothering me lately. Here you have the best shot of Beast costume:

miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Changing my Style

I know I have been lost lately so I'm sorry...

I have great news!! I have got a job so now I can affort all the crazy cosplay projects I have always wanted to do but I couldn't.

About the entry title, well, I want to change a lot my cosplay style and normal oufits too.

About my oufits, I want to have a piercing in my nose and I want my clothes to be more like this:

And about my cosplay style, I'm aware people recgnize for my physical appearance but I want to admire for my art so I will try my best in order to crossplay a character from a manga which is very unknown and lovely.

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Original character

A few weeks ago I did a photoset with my friend named Priscilla Ortiz so here you have the photo I like the most

lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

King of Fighter Cosplay group

Hi!! Since 2010 I have always had the idea of a kof cosplay but for many reasons I never tried until now...

A group of acquaintances of mine planned a KOF cosplay group and I thought it was the moment to fulfill the idea I had been having.

Yesterday, We had a meeting and we decided very crazy ideas in our presentation... I hope everything came out well

About the character I chose... I will keep as a secret for the first time in my life, you will notice until december