lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Beast Photoset: Re-shot and Problems

Last friday I get up in the morning frickin' happy because that day I was having my Beast Photoset, yes!! The one I wished so much.

Well. at the beginning my dear friend Priscilla and I had problems because the curls were not coming out well, so after somes of suspence, suddenly they started to coming out perfectly. Yupi!!!

When we arrived at the place where we were supposed to take the photos, I felt kind of embarrased since there are some people looking at me while we took the photos >.< but later It all got worse because some officers of the place came and they told I couldn't take photos there and they even threatened us with errasing the photos.

I was so mad!!! There are lots of people stealing in the streets and dealing drugs... they can do whatever they like but they bother me just because my costumes was a little bit sexy, don't frickin' kidding me!!

Finally, they didn't errase the photos and here you have some of the photos I like the most about this photoset

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