lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

I came back

Hello, everyone!
After a long time without writing in this blog, I come back!!!
Why did that happen?... well, I totally got addicted to Persona 4 and I couldn’t stop playing in all my vacation time.

But I’m sure that you’re wondering something like: Why is this crazy girl writing in English now? Well, well… I’ve decided to write in English because one of my biggest dreams has become true: People around the world are starting to recognize my cosplay projects and that’s amazing!!!! For that reason, as everybody knows, English is an universal language so writing in this language more people are going to know more information about this crazy cosplayer.
It’s kind of embarrassing but I have to confess that my English isn’t perfect, actually, I’m in the learning process and the three words I heard more often are “You are wrong” so if I make any mistake, please let me know.
Obviously, I would like to write this blog using Japanese, but unfortunately I just know a few words, I don’t know how to say a complete and meaningful sentence. But I promise I’ll learn as soon as I can because Japan is the most beautiful country (in my opinion), I just love the gardens, art, history… so having Japanese visitors in my blog (If you don’t believe me, check the application of the flags) is soooooooooooooooo exciting (actually is more than exciting but I just can’t find a word to describe my feelings).

About my otaku-life, I was very worried about that law against anime (I don’t remember the number of the law XD) because anime is amazing, I mean, most of the genders are. I have to accept that some genders like loli-kon, hentai, futanari… are dangerous and they need to be restricted, furthermore, people that enjoy those genders need to be aware that the things they watch in those animes/mangas is just fiction and They mustn’t practice in the real life, I mean, a guy mustn’t violate a little child just because He watch loli-kon a few hours ago.
Last season, nothing really liked me but Starry Sky. I’ve only watched one episode, even though, I just love the romance and the main character (He is so mysterious).
I’m watching some old anime like Ouran Koukou Host Club, durarara, togainu no chi, vampire knight guilty, kaleido star, nodame cantabile and macross frontier… all of them are interesting.
And I’m reading Fairy Tail, Angel Sanctuary, Kyoukai no Rinne, junjou romantica, ayashi no ceres, hoshi wa utau, kuroshitsuji (I love the manga, the anime sucks) and twin spica.

About my cosplayer-life, I planning a Beast (from kuroshitsuji) cosplay. I had trouble with the fabrics but I could find one pretty similar, at the moment, I’m just saving money for the red eyes and boots.
When I started to cosplay I never imagined that my cosplays could get so popular, I’m not lying, I have received so many good comments from costa Rican people and from people around the world and that encourage me a lot, I promise I’m going to spend as much money as it is need in order to show you a good finished work.

Before saying good bye, I have a very important message to all me followers: Sorry for the simple design of this blog!! I know that sucks but I just learning about loop, codes, algorithmic but I haven’t learnt anything about web design…  (Well, I least my header rocks because it is Akira’s)

Please, keep visiting my blog!!! Good Bye!! I hope you enjoy!!

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